ABE Named #1 French Toast by Daily Meal

ABE Named #1 French Toast by Daily Meal

By Jeff Litton of Daily Meal | March 16, 2024 11:25 am EST - Of all the recognized American restaurant breakfast staples, there are few more satisfying than a few sweet and thick-cut slices of French toast. But somewhere in that mix of sugar, syrup, batter, and bread is a wide spectrum of flavors and textures, and some chain restaurants seem to have mastered the art of French toast better than others. Opinions and preferences will differ on this of course, but I have sifted through the maple and powdered sugar and organized a definitive ranking of the major French toast (and French toast stick!) offerings by the major breakfast chains.

This ranking is based on a mix of my own personal and considerable French toast experience, as well as reviews from both professionals and those who are simply in it for the love of French toast. More info on this at the end, but for now, here is our ultimate ranking of chain restaurant French toast.

1. Another Broken Egg Cafe

Cinnamon French Toast with fruit

I'm lucky enough to live right across the street from an Another Broken Egg Cafe location, but the French toast there is good enough for a trip across town. As good as its standard French toast is though, it's the novel variations on the staple that earn it the No. 1 slot on this list.

What kind of variations? Well, right now it's offering such delicacies as Apple Fritter French Toast and Strawberry Pound Cake French Toast in addition to its Classic French Toast recipe. But on my most recent ABEC visit, I opted for the Cinnamon Roll French Toast, which I'm happy to report is exactly what it sounds like. I'm not sure what kind of baking alchemy makes this hybrid of cinnamon roll and French toast possible, but the result is incredible, and the cream cheese icing and warm rum butter sauce drizzle just drive the whole thing home. I personally would almost be afraid to eat French toast that tastes better than this, or at least sweeter than this.


French toast with fruit and syrup

This list was compiled using a combination of online chatter on site such as Reddit, professional reviews, and my own French toast experience over the years. I tried to focus only on currently available French toast and French toast stick selections, and on popular dining chains, although I ended up with a mix of both national and regional chains. I also freely mixed French toast and French toast sticks, even though they are definitely two different culinary beasts. Ultimately, opinions are my own unless otherwise cited.

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