New Email Server Migration Procedure

We are adding an IMAP account under the existing POP3 account in outlook. Not Changing the POP3 account settings.

1)Back up the outlook email file before you do anything!!!

How to backup your outlook data base/Emails

2) Add the IMAP account to your outlook. Even though it’s the same email address outlook treats it as another email account because of the IMAP setting vs your old POP3 email account. The new IMAP account is on a new Email server. Your old POP3 email server will be shut off soon.

Configuring IMAP Account in Outlook 2010



The above link is correct minus the email server names, your account credentials, and the server port numbers.


Your New Working email settings are:


Secure SSL/TLS Settings


Password: Use the email account’s password.
Incoming Server:

  • IMAP: Port 993 SSL
Outgoing Server:

  • SMTP: Port 465 SSL
Authentication is required for IMAP, and SMTP. 

SSL is required


If you are unsure about your password email me and I will rest it for you.


Moving your emails into your new IMAP SSL email Account from your old POP3 email account.

1)Make sure you have backed up all your outlook emails!!!


How to backup your outlook data base/Emails


The below instructions are moving your emails onto the New IMAP Email Server that is Secure. The old POP3 server will be shut off soon.


My choice would be to highlight the group of emails in your old POP3 email account Folder/Folders “A.K.A Inbox” and all your subfolders that you have created if any.

Do this one folder at a time.

Right click on them and copy them to the clipboard.

You can select the first email in the group, “The first one in the list to the right. “ highlight it and scroll down to the bottom of the list. Hit and hold the “Shift” Key while clicking the last email in the list/group. This will highlight all your email.

Right click them and click copy.

Once copied it could take a few minutes depending on the amount of emails in your email account. Please be patient. Don’t use your computer while copying large amounts of emails it might crash outlook.

Outlook will act like its not responding sometimes but it is working.

After it is done copying your emails to the clipboard open the new IMAP Inbox folder.

Mouse over to the window where your email are listed “The Same Place You Copied Them From” and hit the CTRL + V keys. This will paste your emails to that folder.

That should have you good to go.

Other Methods:

Method 1)


Method 2)


If you accidently move the emails into the wrong Folder: The Fixer!


You should archive your outlook emails that are older than 6 months to keep your outlook database from growing to larger. Outlook will crash once your outlook .PST file gets over 2-2.5GB. Then you will have Fun!

Archiving your emails protects them from virus infection and lose as well. Archive them to a backup USB drive/jumpdrive of choice.

How to Archive outlook:


How to Delete Duplicate Emails